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Multifaction has spent the last 15 years experimenting with a variety of electronic music styles and sounds. Over the years, we have released a handful of homemade CDRs to a select group of family and friends with no intention of putting them out officially to the general public. After some prodding from friends and others, we have decided to start making our music available to the public but only if strict limited editions can be guaranteed. We have put out some of our older releases in limits of 50 copies and when they're gone, they're gone.

Also with the help of Stephen Philips over at Dark Duck Records, we have begun bringing out some of our newer material. We have agreed to do so only as long as they are only available in limited edition quantities, in this case, we have agreed to 100 copies of each title.

So after years of creating experimental noise blended with a variety of ethnic and tribal grooves, and ethnic trance, we have finally found a home with Dark Duck Records and have started making our music available to the general public. We do so only under extreme duress. Anyhow, we hope you enjoy the music, and thank you for your support.

A LITTLE HISTORY: Multifaction is a group of socially and sonically conscious individuals who have a passion for ethnic and world music. We find the music that hits us the most spotlights middle eastern rhythms and themes. We also like to mix it up with other Asian rhythms and themes, Indian music, techno, electronica, and many other styles. We don't pretend to really know what we're doing. We're basically making it up as we go along. We have a strong passion for music and our intention is not to offend but to spread peace, love and music throughout the world. We thank Bryn Jones (aka Muslimgauze) for his trailblazing work and inspiration for much of our music. We hope the similarities you might see do not offend or annoy. It is not our intention to duplicate the work he did but to present our own style and variation.

THE NEW CDs: We would like to thank Stephen Philips at dark duck records for helping us to release some of our music and CDs to the world. In February 2009, we began releasing some of the music we had been working on over the last several years. We hope to finally issue some of our older material on CD in the near future as well, which we hope will be sold through Dark Duck Records at their store.

THE WEBSITE: Sorry for the primitive nature of the site. We are not very computer savvy so with the help of Stephen Philips, we've launched multifaction.com as a central location for all things Multifaction and hope to build the site out with information, downloads, and other stuff. We have A LOT of unreleased material we are likely to put in one form or another.